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Center for Research on
Race and Ethnicity in Society

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The Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society (CRRES) at Indiana University in Bloomington is an interdisciplinary, academic center. Its mission is to promote research on race and ethnicity, bring together scholars across interdisciplinary units for dialogue and collaboration, and train the next generation of scholars here on the IUB campus. We invite you to browse our website, attend our speaker series, and engage our faculty and students as they pursue their research agendas.

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    • As immigration from Asia and Latin America reshapes the demographic composition of the U.S., some analysts have anticipated the decline of conservative white evangelicals’ influence in politics. Yet, Donald Trump captured a larger share of the white evangelical vote in the 2016 election than any candidate in the previous four presidential elections. Why has the political clout of white evangelicals persisted at a time of increased racial and ethnic diversity? Immigrants, Evangelicals, and Politics in an Era of Demographic Change, a new book by political scientist Janelle Wong (University of Maryland), examines a new generation of Asian American and Latino evangelicals and offers an account of why increased demographic diversity has not contributed as much as might be expected to a political realignment.

    • The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy is now accepting grant applications for grants. In 2017, they offered 19 awards for the most outstanding research in social policy by PhD candidates. This year they are planning to do the same. With awards valued at $7,500 - $12,500, their grants are among the largest offered to PhD students. Please visit the website for more information about criteria and eligibility. The application deadline for this cycle is December 1, 2018.
    • Congratulations to Pam Jackson and Rashawn Ray on the publication of their book, How Families Matter: Simply Complicated Intersections of Race, Gender, and Work. The book is based on data from Dr. Jackson’s SRP on Family, Work, and Health.


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