Apply to become a Student Affiliate

The CRRES Student Affiliates are a diverse group of students who have a central interest in the study of race and ethnicity. Research conducted by current CRRES graduate student affiliates ranges from examining racial disparities in educational gaps on a national level to investigating the racialized experiences of immigrant women in new immigrant destinations in the South and Midwest.


  • CRRES offers opportunities for students to present their work and research ideas that focus on the topic of race and ethnicity.
  • CRRES provides a supportive environment where student affiliates can establish and nurture social networks with other CRRES affiliates.
  • Affiliates are prominently featured on the CRRES website, with a brief description of research profile and links to presentations and write-ups that they have produced for CRRES


  • Attend CRRES guest speaker presentations, conferences, and/or coffee hours.
  • Submit 1-2 short write-ups per year, reporting on one of these events for publication on the CRRES website.
  • Acknowledge CRRES in published work that receives feedback from CRRES associates.

Applying to Become a Student Affiliate

Please send the following information to the Director at

  • A brief note of nomination from a faculty advisor
  • A cover letter expressing interest in CRRES, a description of current research interests, and a plan for continued participation in CRRES activities
  • A curriculum vitae or resume

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