Apply to become a Faculty Affiliate

The CRRES Affiliated Faculty are a diverse group of scholars who have a central interest in the study of race and ethnicity. Membership as a faculty affiliate is open to all IUB faculty members whose teaching and/or research activities involve the topic of race and ethnicity. Affiliates bring a wide range of professional research experiences and provide input to help shape the future direction of CRRES.


  • CRRES provides a supportive scholarly environment where affiliates have access to a network of faculty members and graduate students who share experiences, act as mentors, and collaborate on research related to race and ethnicity.
  • CRRES organizes colloquia, conferences, coffee hours, and other related activities, which foster interdisciplinary contacts, connections, and community; and improve research opportunities.
  • CRRES facilitates and amplifies affiliate research on race and ethnicity on its website, on social media, and in the larger campus and local community.
  • CRRES provides information and workshops about funding opportunities and has its own small grants program.


  • Attend 2-3 CRRES activities a year, including speaker series, conferences, workshops, or coffee hours.
  • Write a blog post or research brief for CRRES at least once a year.
  • Provide information about publications, awards, and fellowships once a year for the annual report.
  • Serve on committees, co-organize events, participate in the annual research symposium, or serve as a mentor for the undergraduate research program.
  • Acknowledge CRRES in conference papers and published work that was supported by funding from CRRES or received feedback from CRRES associates.
  • Promote CRRES on social media.

Applying to Become an Affiliate

Faculty members interested in becoming affiliates should send the following information to the Director at crres@indiana.edu:

  • A cover letter expressing interest in becoming a member of the CRRES Affiliated Faculty, a description of current and planned research related to race and ethnicity, and a plan for sustained participation in CRRES (see the list of commitments above and describe how you plan to participate in the community).
  • A current CV.

The Director will review the materials sent by the prospective affiliate faculty member and distribute the materials to the Advisory Board for review. Faculty affiliates are appointed for three-year terms and membership may be renewed by the Advisory Board.

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