Racism and Health Symposium

Dr. Courtney Boen
University of Pennsylvania

"How can we match theories of structural racism to our empirical estimands?"

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Dr. Tyson Brown
Duke University

"What are key challenges and opportunities for using rigorous theory, data and methods to study structural racism and it’s health consequences?"

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Dr. Alexis Dennis
McGill University

"Can we leverage multiple measures of skin tone to better understand health inequity among Black Americans?"

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Dr. Kimberly Huyser
University of British Columbia

"How does Indigenous land dispossession shape structural racism and health inequities in the USA and Canada?"

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Dr. Alicia Riley
University of California Santa Cruz

"How might we transform research on racialized health inequities into a tool to dismantle them?"

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Dr. Elaine Hernandez, Moderator
Indiana University

Schedule of Events

8:15-9:00am Light breakfast and coffee

9:00-9:30am Welcome and land acknowledgement

9:30-11:00am Exploring current theoretical frameworks and inclusive data approaches

         9:30-9:55     Alicia Riley, University of California Santa Cruz

        10:00-10:25  Kimberly Huyser, University of British Columbia

        10:30-10:55  Tyson Brown, Duke University

11:00-11:45am Theory and data: Participant panel and audience questions

12:00-1:00pm Lunch – Bivi’s tamales

1:00-1:10pm Welcome back

1:15-2:15pm Examining innovative methodological approaches and future directions

        1:15-1:40  Courtney Boen, University of Pennsylvania

        1:45-2:10  Alexis Dennis, McGill University

2:15-3:00pm Methods and future directions: Participant panel and audience questions

3:00pm Closing remarks

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