Apply for the Undergraduate Research Program

Frequently asked questions for potential participants

It is highly suggested that students wanting to work with the URP seek out a faculty member before applying. Likewise, faculty are encouraged to invite applications from undergraduates they with whom they are already familiar. However, we will also work to pair faculty and undergraduates with similar research interests.

The program begins at the beginning of the fall semester (i.e., August) and concludes at the end of the Spring semester (i.e., April/May). Students are expected to work 10 hours per week (excluding semester breaks). Faculty should meet with their mentees at least 1x a week at the beginning of the semester (i.e., August – September) before moving to meet with their student 2x per month. Faculty are expected to meet with students more frequentlyduring the spring semester as students are preparing to present their research findings atthe annual CRRES Research Symposium. Both students and faculty are expected to maintainregular communication with each other throughout the academic year.

The independent project is a student-led research project that progresses under the faculty mentor’s guidance. The student would propose an academic project, such as an essay, a digital media project, etc. Do note that students should identify a faculty mentor whose research focus relates to the student’s proposed project. The other option, and the most common, is a faculty-led research project. The student would work on particular components of the faculty mentor’s project, such as data compilation, coding, creating an annotated bibliography, etc.

Students are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week. These hours can include reading journal articles, attending 1-1 meetings with mentors, attending larger lab meetings, setting up lab equipment, attending monthly workshops with CRRES, and attending CRRES monthly social hours/speaker series.

Faculty funds are deposited to their research accounts at the end of each semester. Student funds are disbursed bi-weekly. Funds disbursal is dependent on student participation in the program. Student must regularly attend meetings with faculty mentors, complete assigned tasks in timely manner, and attend monthly meetings with CRRES Liaison.

CRRES understands that project timelines and needs change. If the tasks and objectives outlined in the proposal need to be revisited and adjusted throughout the course of the semester, we understand. We do ask that you please inform us in the monthly evaluation if a substantive change occurs.

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