Postdoctoral Fellowships

A legacy of scholars

The CRRES Postdoctoral Scholars Program is a fellowship program that aims to create a legacy of scholars who will be positioned to address broad issues related to race and ethnicity using a multidisciplinary lens. These two-year fellowships are designed to nurture the academic careers of new scholars by allowing them the opportunity to pursue their research while gaining mentored experience as teachers, CRRES fellows, and members of the faculty in host departments.

The Postdoctoral Fellowships are open to scholars in a broad range of social science and humanities fields including African American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Asian American Studies, Business, Education, Economics, Environment, Gender Studies, Geography, Health, History, Literature, Media Studies, Native American Studies, Latino Studies, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, and Sociology who are at the beginning of their academic careers and anticipate receiving the Ph.D. in the coming year but who do not yet hold tenure-track academic positions.

Fellows will be placed in one of IU’s sixteen degree granting schools, and are expected to pursue research activities associated with their primary area of work, as demonstrated by conference presentations and published works. Fellows will also teach one course in their home departments in each year of their residency; are expected to participate in CRRES activities; and take part in their home departments' colloquia and/or seminars.

CRRES is currently hosting five postdoctoral scholars, chosen through a competitive national search. These scholars are conducting cutting-edge research on race and ethnicity in Political Science, Public and Environmental Affairs, Higher Education, Arts Education, and History. The fellows have access to a community of scholars at IU and are also a part of a mentoring program facilitated by CRRES and sponsoring departments.

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