Jessica Smith

CRRES Administrative Assistant


Jessica maintains the CRRES office and provides administrative support for the Center’s activities. She assists with the room reservations and scheduling of CRRES events such as the Speaker Series, Coffee with Affiliates, and the Postdoctoral Scholars Program. She makes travel arrangements for CRRES and processes funding requests and reimbursements for the Center. Jessica earned her B.A. in Psychology at Indiana University and brings years of experience in customer service and administrative work to the Center. If you have questions about travel, CRRES funding or reimbursements, room reservations, scheduling, or general inquiries about the Center, please contact Jessica.

Monica Heilman

CRRES Graduate Research Assistant


Monica Heilman is a Ph.D. student in Sociology. She earned her M.A. in Sociology from Indiana University in 2020 and her B.A. in Sociology and Art from the University of Denver. Her research interests include multiracial identity, whiteness, and qualitative methods. At CRRES, Monica manages communications, including the weekly email blast and website, and provides general assistance for the Center programs and events.

Shelley Rao

CRRES Graduate Research Assistant


Shelley's research interests focus on the intersections of race and ethnicity and immigration. She feels strongly about contributing intellectual knowledge about new and existing streams of Asian immigrants in the United States and their descendants. Her current work examines group positions and perceptions of fairness in academic and work settings. Prior to graduate school, she held professional roles in talent management and diversity, market research, and public policy.

Muna Adem

CRRES Graduate Research Assistant

Muna Adem is a graduate student in the Sociology program. She earned her MS in Applied Statistics in 2019. Broadly, her research examines how immigration continues to reshape group boundaries and the consequences of these boundaries for social cohesion. In particular, she is interested in the mechanisms that facilitate or hinder trust, solidarity, and cooperation as a result of ethno-racial diversity in the U.S. and Europe. Her current projects examine symbolic boundaries and national belonging (e.g., what makes someone a fellow citizen in contemporary society) and the consequences of social integration and "diverse" settings for ethnic and racial minorities in Europe. At CRRES, Muna assists with editing and posting research briefs. If you have any questions about the briefs, feel free to contact her.  

Melissa Garcia

CRRES Graduate Research Assistant


Melissa Garcia is a graduate student in Sociology. Her broad research interests include race and ethnicity, immigration, and higher education. Her current research examines the experiences of Asian American and Latinx students’ participation in panethnic student organizations, and how and why sanctuary-related policies emerge at local and state levels. At CRRES, Melissa is a Co-CRRES Liaison for the Undergraduate Research Program (URP).

Tamar Trice

Cox Legacy Scholar

Tamar Trice is a senior studying Law and Public Policy within the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She is a proud Cox Legacy Scholar, the president of the Women of Color Leadership Institute, and an O’Neill Equity Scholar. As an O’Neill equity scholar, she is currently conducting research on racial attitudes after the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. As the Cox Scholar Intern, her role at CRRES encompasses writing news updates for the website, supporting in-person events, creating graphics, and assisting with running CRRES’s social media pages.

Anna Sarpong

CRRES Social Media and Outreach Intern

Anna Sarpong is a freshman studying Neuroscience at Indiana University. As the Social Media Outreach undergraduate intern, her role at CRRES is to provide valuable content through our social media platforms and reach IU undergraduate communities. Her research interest is on implicit bias, cognition, and decision-making and the role these concepts have on racial perspectives. Anna is a proud Peer Coach as a Cox Exploratory Scholar as well as a Hudson and Holland Scholar.

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