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Center for Research on
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Guidelines and Application: Undergraduate Research Program in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Project types and topics will vary across disciplines, and may include (a) independent projects developed by the student and supervised by the faculty mentor or (b) students working with the faculty mentor on a specific part of the mentor’s own research agenda.

We accept proposals on a rolling basis. To participate in the URP in the upcoming academic year, please submit your proposal by June 1. For detailed proposal guidelines, please download the appropriate "Invitation for Proposals" document:

"Invitation for Faculty-Student Pairs" (faculty have identified a student researcher)

"Invitation for Proposals to Faculty Pool" (faculty have NOT identified a student researcher)

"Invitation for Proposals to Student Pool" (student has NOT identified a faculty mentor)

CRRES provides structure and guidelines for the mentors and student researchers. Mentors and students are asked to prepare a research plan at the beginning of the mentorship relationship and to meet weekly throughout the Program. Mentors provide monthly updates to CRRES on the students’ progress, and student researchers meet with the CRRES Graduate Research Assistant for monthly meetings.

General Program Requirements

  • Submit a completed proposal via email (see separate “Invitation for Proposals”).
  • The student must be an undergraduate at IUB with a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • A faculty member must supervise the project and closely mentor the student, with a commitment to meet with the student on a weekly basis.
  • Research plan to be developed and discussed with the student (see guidelines for best practices below), BEFORE the beginning of the fall.
  • Mentors will periodically complete a brief evaluation of student progress (instructions and due dates will be available on Box).
  • A final report must be submitted at the end of the Program (instructions and due dates will be available on Box).
  • There are three mandatory events that all mentors and students will attend:
    • URP Welcome Meeting, at which you will have a chance to meet other program participants and ask questions of the CRRES Liaison.
    • The end-of-the-program URP Wrap-Up meeting, where all participants may discuss the program’s achievements and successes, and mentors will have the opportunity to hear about the research projects of all five student researchers.
    • A capstone event at which faculty-student pairs discuss their progress and students present the work they have completed throughout the Program to the CRRES and broader IUB community.
  • We strongly encourage both the mentor and the student to attend First Friday CRRES Coffee Hour each month to take part in the CRRES community.
  • For specific expectations, see the following documents:

Student researcher tasks may include:

  • Becoming familiar with discipline-specific terms
  • Creating an annotated bibliography on the research topic
  • Determining appropriate journals to which the research project may be submitted for publication
  • Reading and summarizing potential sources for the faculty mentor
  • Transcribing interviews and summarizing content
  • Learning a discipline-specific skill, such as coding, tabulating quantitative data, becoming familiar with a particular citation/formatting method, etc.
  • Any other research-related skill that the faculty mentor finds useful to the field/project

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