Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society

Center for Research on
Race and Ethnicity in Society

A research center of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, Indiana University Bloomington

CRRES-funded Research

Caralee Jones

Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipient Caralee Jones (African American and African Diaspora Studies) delivers the presentation: "'Just as Black?': Understanding the Racial and Ethnic Identities of Afro-Caribbeans in the U.S." Jones, along with co-author Christy Erving (Sociology), placed second in a graduate student paper competition at the 2013 Association of Black Sociologists conference in New York City.

The Center awards small grants to support faculty and graduate students conducting ongoing research in the area of race and ethnicity.

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Spring 2019 Grant Awardees

Faculty Seed Grant (FSG) Recipients

  • Koji Chavez, Sociology
    "A Perfect Match? Racial and Gender Discrimination During Upward and Downward Job Mobility"
  • Rasul Mowatt, American Studies
    "A Very Dark Matter: A Compendium of Lynching Violence"
  • Karen Inouye, American Studies
  • Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

  • Giselle Cunanan, American Studies
    "#EthnicStudiesNow: Racial Labor in a Multicultural Moment"
  • Minchul Kim, Media School
    "Personalized and Emotionalized News Media Coverage of Muslim Victims: A Test of Empathy-Alturism Mechanisms"
  • Yingjian Liang, Sociology
    "Searching for a Future: STEM Graduate Students Navigating the Transition to Work"
  • Maritza Steele, Sociology
    "Teaching Inequality: Tackling Topics of Race and Discrimination in a Predominantly White Elementary School"
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

  • Ting-Han Chang, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
    "Exploring how Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Undergraduate Students Experience Culturally Engaging Campus Environments"
  • Allie Martin, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
    "Go-Go is (not) dead, Long Live Go-Go: Naratives of Death in D.C.'s Local Music Scene"
  • Tamara Mitchell, Spanish & Portuguese
    "Specters of Roque: The Pen and/as the Sword"
  • Eliot Raynor, Spanish & Portuguese
    "Referential ambiguity of 'mano' and 'pie' in Columbia: A case of substrate semantic transfer"

    Fall 2018 Grant Awardees

    Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

  • Jacks Cheng, Counseling & Education Psychology
    "The Invisible Heroes: Asian Men and Their Career Experiences in Traditionally Masculine Workforces"
  • Khadijah Edwards, African & African American Studies
    "The Voice of the People: A Critical Assessment of Popular Support for Black Liberation Leaders in the 1960's"
  • Anne Mahady, African & African American Studies
    "Envisioning the American Folk in the Art of Palmer C. Hayden"
  • Tamara Mitchell, Spanish & Portuguese
    "Roque Agitprop: Living and Writing between La Matanza and El Mozote"
  • Daniel Runnels, Spanish & Portuguese
    "Writing Against the State in Early 20th Century Latin America"
  • Jazma Sutton, History
    "We Have Got to Do the Work Ourselves: The Greenville Settlement on the Border of Indiana and Ohio, 1820-1920"
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

  • Mihee Kim-Kort, Religious Studies
    "Defending the Sacred: Burning Church Doctrines and (Re)inscribing the Racialized Structures of American Soveriegnty"
  • Sydney-Paige Patterson, History
    "Black Realms: Arnold Hamilton Maloney, Afro Caribbean Migrants & Evolving Definitions of Blackness, 1910-1949"
  • Olivia Holloway Salzano, Spanish & Portuguese
    "Aluisio Azevedo'l Long-Forgotten O Japao and the Naturalist Formation of a Nation Body"
  • Kevin Taber, Political Science
    "Public Goods Provision & Grassroots Democratization in the "New" African Diaspora"
  • Paula Tarankow, History
    "Exploring Animals and Racism in the New South: Animal Loyalty, Black Humanity, and Humane Education in New Orleans"
  • Spring 2018 Grant Awardees

    Faculty Seed Grant (FSG) Recipients

  • Sylvia Martinez, Education & Latino Studies
    Carl Darnell, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
    "Interrogating the College Search Process for African American and Latinx Youth"
  • Kosali Simon, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
    Alex Hollingsworth, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
    Hsien-Chang Lin, School of Public Health
    "Racial and Ethnic Dimensions of the Opioid Addictions Crisis"
  • Phoebe Wolfskill, American Studies & African American Studies
    "Photographic Appropriation in the Early Work of Romare Bearden"
  • Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

  • Muna Adem & Denise Ambriz, Sociology
    "Assessing the Impact of Race and Legal Status on Attitudes toward Immigrants in the U.S."
  • Jelani Ince, Sociology
    "Finding Faith: The Role of Race and Religion in the Adaptation to Organizational Change"
  • Douglas Peach, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
    "Race By Reconstruction: Music, Performance, and Heritage Tourism among Gullah Geechees"
  • Nicolas Sillitti, Latin American History
    "The Making of the Criollo: Class, Race and Nation in the Argentine Barracks (1901-1955)"
  • Robin Valenzuela, Anthropology
    "Navigating Parental Fitness: Noncitizen Mexican Parents and Transnational Family Reunification"
  • Bianca Vasquez, Counseling and Educational Psychology
    "Understanding How Latino Parents Support their Student's College Decision-Making"
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

  • Giselle Cunanan, American Studies
    "Rights and Critical Refusals: College Student Organizing amidst University Neglect"
  • Jessica David, Counseling Psychology
    "Fighting for the Freedom to Kneel: Sport Psychology's Role in the Activist-Athlete Movement"
  • Nzingha Kendall, American Studies
    "Diasporic Blackness in Works by Sara Gomez & Belkis Ayon"
  • Sam Kye, Sociology
    "Detecting White Flight in the Contemporary U.S.: A Multi-Component Approach"
  • Michael Montesano, Comparative Literature
    "Surviving the War on Blackness: Black Feminism and "Stay on the Battlefield" by Sonia Sanchez"
  • Stephanie Nguyen, Educational Leadership and Policy
    "Conditions of Success: The Asian American Studies Social Movement in the Midwest, 1990-2009"
  • 2017 Grant Awardees

    Faculty Seed Grant (FSG) Recipients

  • Alex Lichtenstein, History
    "Making Apartheid Work: Black Workers and Industrial Relations in South Africa: Oral History"
  • Timothy Lovelace, Maurer School of Law
    "The World is on our Side: America and Race for Human Rights under Law"
  • Laura McCloskey, School of Public Health
    "Eco-social Determinants of Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality within the State of Indiana"
  • Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

  • Alexandra Cotofana, Anthropology
    "White Man Law versus Black Magic Women: Racial and Gender Entanglements of Witchcraft Policies in Romania"
  • Sarah Foss, History
    "Until the Indian is Made to Walk: Indignismo and Development in Cold War Guatemala, 1940-1988"
  • Stephanie Huezo, History
    "'Popular' Teachers and the Narratives of Liberation in El Salvador and the Salvadoran Diaspora (1980-2009)"
  • Anna Sera, Education Leadership and Policy Studies
    "Transnational Janpanese-Brazilian Students: Race, Nation, and Integration in Teachers' Talk"
  • Shu-Yi Wang, Counseling and Educational Psychology
    "Seeing the Good and Bad in Culture: An Exploration of the Construct of Cultural Complexity"
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

  • Denise Ambriz, Sociology
    "Assessing the Oppositional Culture Explanation among Mexican-origin Students"
  • Julide Etem, The Media School
    "Exploring Syrian Refugees in Turkey through Multi and Hidden Cameras"
  • Jordan Lynton, Anthropology
    "Foreign Deconstructing Chinese Jamaican Identity Formation and Negotiations of Identity"
  • Angel Nathan, Higher Education and Student Affairs
    "Crooked Beauty: Analyzing the Parameters of Black Beauty at a Predominately White Institution of Higher Education"
  • Adam Nicholson, Sociology
    "The Growth of the Anti-Black Class: Rethinking Modern Racism in America"
  • Lei Wang, Counseling and Educational Psychology
    "Racial Discrimination on the Change of Suicide Risk among Ethnic Minorities in the US"
  • 2016 Grant Awardees

    Faculty Seed Grant (FSG) Recipients

  • Jennifer Lee, Sociology
    "Racial Triangulation of Asians and Latinos: An Experimental Survey of the Field of Race Relations"
  • Cara Caddoo, History
    "Race, Film, and the Lincoln Motion Picture Company"
  • Terri Francis, Cinema and Media Studies
    "Ecstatic Instruction in African American Arts and Media"
  • Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

  • Lauren Apgar, Sociology
    "The Economic Incorporation of Immigrants Across the 50 United States"
  • Matthew Fowler, Political Science
    "White Linked Fate and Backlash: Realistic and Percieved Threats to White Group Cohesion"
  • Nzingha Kendall, American Studies
    "Imperfect Independence: Black Women Experimental Filmmakers"
  • Jordan Lynton, Anthropology
    "Strategic Identity Formation in Chinese-Jamaican Communites"
  • Kevin Taber, Political Science
    "Ethnicity and Transnationalism Abroad: Shaping African Migrant Associations' Homeland Efforts"
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

  • Kelly Hanson, English
    "Transnational Performances of Haitian History"
  • Douglas Peach, Folklore and Ethnomusicology
    "Music & the Confederate Flag Debate in South Carolina: An Audiotopic Analysis"
  • Tamara van der Does, Sociology
    "Ethnic Niches and High School Employment among Latino/as"
  • 2015 Grant Awardees

    Faculty Seed Grant (FSG) Recipients

    • Matthew Hayes, Political Science
      "Race and Voter Identification Laws"
    • Jason McGraw, History
      "The Loudest Island in the World: Jamaican Music at Home and Abroad, 1940s-1970s"
    • Jakobi Williams, African American and African Diaspora Studies
      "The Original Rainbow Coalition of Late-1960s-era Chicago"

    Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

    • Carl Robert DeMuth, Anthropology
      "Coal Heritage Archaeology"
    • Safak Kilictepe, Anthropology
      "Reproducing a "Racially Pure" Nation through the Regulations of Reproductive Technologies: High-Tech Islamist State Pronatalism and Kurdish Women's Reproduction"
    • Jedidiah Kuhn, American Studies
      "The Stewart Indian School: Colonial Regulation and Assimilation"
    • Alaina Roberts, History
      "Chickasaw Freedpeople in Nineteenth-century Indian Territory"
    • Juan Rojas, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
      "Post-Paramilitary Violence and Collective Reparation through Traditional Music in a Colombian Afro-Caribbean Town"

    Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

    • Kirk Harris, Political Science
    • Sarah Monson, Anthropology
    • David Nguyen, Education
    • Shu-Yi Wang, Psychology
    • Francesca White, Education

    2013-2014 Grant Awardees

    Faculty Seed Grant (FSG) Recipients

    • Stephen Benard, Sociology
      "Labor Market Outcomes for Asian Men and Women in the United States"
    • Karen Inouye, American Studies
      "Tenants' Rights Organization in Boston Vietnamese Lodging Houses"
    • Sarah Imhoff, Religious Studies and Borns Jewish Studies
      Symposium, "Jews, Race, America" (October 5-7, 2013)
    • Amrita Myers, History and Gender Studies
      "Liminal Lives: Black Women and Interracial Families in the Old South"
    • Ellen Wu, History
      "Overrepresented: Asian Americans, Race, and Class in Late-Twentieth Century America"

    Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) Recipients

    • Meagan Call-Cummings, Education
      "Latinos in Action"
    • Christopher Clements, History
      "'The Criminal Elements Amongst Us': Narrating Twentieth-Century Mohawk Nationalism"
    • Norihide Furukawa, Anthropology
      "Becoming Educated in a Multi-Ethnic University: Affirmative Action and Ethnic Change in Malawi"
    • Matthew R. Kerchner, Anthropology
      "In the Shadow of the Children's Fire: Race, Policy and the American Summer Camp Movement"
    • Dana Prewitt, Sociology
      "Racial Projects and Intersectionality: Insights from Elementary Educators"
    • Davina Two Bears, Anthropology
      "The Old Leupp Boarding School: The Navajo and Japanese Experience"

    Graduate Student Travel Grant (GSTG) Recipients

    • Melinda Brennan, Gender Studies
    • Meagan Call-Cummings, Education
    • Christopher Clements, History
    • Sarah Dees, Religious Studies
    • Christy Erving, Sociology
    • Caralee Jones, African American and African Diaspora Studies
    • Hope Rias, Education
    • Jessica Waggoner, English

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