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Center for Research on
Race and Ethnicity in Society

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Envisioning Freedom: Cinema and the Building of Modern Black LifeAsian American Students in Higher Education
Samuel D. Museus 
Routledge, 2014

Asian American Students in Higher Education
offers the first comprehensive analysis and synthesis of existing theory and research related to Asian American students’ experiences in postsecondary education. Providing practical and insightful recommendations, this sourcebook covers a range of topics including critical historical and demographic contexts, the complexity of Asian American student identities, and factors that facilitate and hinder Asian American students’ success in college. This resource is vital for college educators interested in better serving Asian American students in their institutions.

Envisioning Freedom: Cinema and the Building of Modern Black LifeCreating Campus Cultures: Fostering Success among Racially Diverse Student Populations
Samuel D. Museus 
Routledge, 2012

While attention to campus climate is critical for gauging the nature of an institution’s culture and how students are experiencing the campus environment, changes in climate alone will not lead to holistic and deep rooted institutional transformation. Moving beyond previous explorations of campus racial climates, Creating Campus Cultures addresses the considerable institutionally embedded obstacles practitioners face as they attempt to transform entrenched institutional cultures to meet the needs of diverse student bodies. A broad range of chapters include voices of students, new research, practical experiences, and application of frameworks that are conducive to success.

Envisioning Freedom: Cinema and the Building of Modern Black LifeDiscourse Analysis and the Study of Classroom Language and Literacy events: A Microethnographic Perspective
Stephanie Power-Carter
Routledge, 2004

The authors present a social linguistic/social interactional approach to the discourse analysis of classroom language and literacy events. Building on recent theories in interactional sociolinguistics, literary theory, social anthropology, critical discourse analysis, and the New Literacy Studies, they describe a microethnographic approach to discourse analysis that provides a reflexive and recursive research process that continually questions what counts as knowledge in and of the interactions among teachers and students. The approach combines attention to how people use language and other systems of communication in constructing classroom events with attention to social, cultural, and political processes.

Envisioning Freedom: Cinema and the Building of Modern Black LifeOn Discourse Analysis in Classrooms: Approaches to Language and Literacy Research
Stephanie Power-Carter
Teachers College Press, 2008

This book in the NCRLL Collection provides an introductory discussion of discourse analysis of language and literacy events in classrooms. The authors introduce approaches to discourse analysis in a way that redefines traditional topics and provokes the imagination of researchers. For those who have limited knowledge of discourse analysis, this book will help generate new questions about literacy events in classrooms. For those familiar with this research perspective, this book will map diverse approaches that can be utilized.

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