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Center for Research on
Race and Ethnicity in Society

Contested Spaces, Contested Identities: Race and Ethnicity Across the Disciplines


Speaker: Professor Marcia Chatelain
Associate Professor of History and African American Studies at Georgetown University
Keynote Title: “Better Living Through the Humanities: Engaged Research, Public Scholarship, and Social Action Today”
Thursday, April 19, 4:00PM
State Room East, IMU

Brief Biography:
The author of South Side Girls: Growing up in the Great Migration from Duke University Press, Dr. Chatelain teaches about women’s and girls’ history, as well as the history of black capitalism. Dr. Chatelain is widely known as an educator, public speaker, and activist scholar. In 2014, she created the #FergusonSyllabus Twitter campaign, which went viral as a collaborative educational tool. She is a Harry S. Truman scholar, Ford Foundation Diversity Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the U.S. American Fellow, Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life Amethyst Award recipient, and French American Foundation Young Leader. CRRES is excited to welcome Dr. Chatelain as our Keynote Speaker and April Speaker Series Lecturer!

Keynote Address Abstract:
Dr. Chatelain will discuss the intersection between her academic research in African American life and history and her public scholarship. In this talk, Chatelain reflects on transforming her dissertation into the book South Side Girls: Growing up in the Great Migration, her appearance on the podcast, “Undisclosed: The Killing of Freddie Gray,” her creation of the digital humanities project #FergusonSyllabus, and her work on Georgetown University’s Working Group on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation. In sharing her experiences on these projects, she reveals how her graduate training prepared her to make a difference inside and outside of academia.

Graduate Student Research Symposium Workshop and Breakfast
A discussion with Professor Marcia Chatelain

Workshop Title: “From Alt to Center: Career Development for Ph.Ds. in the Humanities”
Friday, April 20, 8:00 - 10:00AM
State Room East, IMU
Dr. Chatelain will also conduct a workshop over breakfast for graduate student presenters. This workshop, entitled “From Alt to Center: Career Development for Ph.Ds. in the Humanities,” will address alternative job opportunities for the Ph.D. graduates that are interested in pursuing professional paths outside of the traditional tenure-track faculty position. While the keynote address is open to the public, the workshop is limited to graduate student presenters.

Workshop Abstract:
With all the talk of alt-academic careers, you would assume that the majority of Ph.Ds. are in traditional, tenure-track jobs. The reality is that Ph.D. holders are employed across a number of sectors, and more importantly, a graduate degree provides you with more-not less—options. In this workshop, Marcia Chatelain, will discuss the ways that humanities Ph.Ds. can discern professional paths while in graduate school and prepare for a well-rounded career future.


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